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"Introducing Microsoft Paint AI: New Features and Enhanced Editing Capabilities"

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Photographer: Md Mamun Miah | Source: Unsplash

Microsoft Paint has new AI and Photoshop-like features:

Microsoft Paint Cocreator with AI:

The most exciting addition to Microsoft Paint is the Cocreator feature, powered by the AI model DALL-E. This feature allows you to generate artwork from text descriptions. For instance, you can type "a blue cat with a red hat," Cocreator will produce various image variants based on this description. You can then select one of these images to further edit in Paint. This feature uses credits, with users initially receiving 50 credits to create images. To access Cocreator, you need to sign in with your Microsoft account. This feature is available in select regions and only supports English.

Background Removal:

Another significant addition is the Background Removal tool. Using AI, this tool enables you to isolate a subject and remove the background from an image with just one click. It's a powerful editing tool that adds a professional touch to your pictures.


The Layers feature is a significant enhancement, bringing Paint closer to Photoshop-like functionality. It allows you to draw, edit, and organize your work with more control. You can edit individual layers without affecting others, merge and reorder layers, and create intricate compositions and designs. This feature significantly enhances the capability to build more complex and detailed digital images.

Enhanced Drawing and Editing Tools:

Paint now includes a variety of brush sizes and styles, pencils, fill, color pickers, text, magnifiers, and more for drawing. You have control over line sizing, from fine lines to broad strokes, and can create new colors or use hexadecimal, RGB, or HSV color codes. These tools provide more flexibility and precision in designing and editing images.

User-friendly Interface:

Despite these advanced features, Paint maintains its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to artists of any skill level. The app offers easy cropping, rotating, resizing images, and more options.

Privacy and Responsible Use:

Microsoft ensures privacy and data security with Paint Cocreator. The Azure DALL-E service used for generating images does not store these images, respecting user privacy. Additionally, Microsoft applies content filtering to prevent the generation of harmful or inappropriate photographs, encouraging responsible use of the technology.

Photographer: Joanna Kosinska | Source: Unsplash

These updates make Microsoft Paint a more versatile and powerful tool, bridging the gap between a simple drawing app and more advanced image editing software. It's an exciting development for casual users and those seeking more sophisticated editing capabilities.